Botulin toxin

Treatment of excessive sweating

(Botox®, Azzalure®, Boccouture®)

It is estimated that excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) affects even 1% of population. It concerns both women and men as well, most often occurs at the age of 20-40 and is caused by abnormally increased sweat production by human body. It is present even in comfortable temperatures and without physical effort.Botox

Sweating is heavy and uncomfortable. It often accompanies stressful situations, intensifies during public speeches, presentations, etc., however, it sometimes occurs without specific reason. Many of the affected people complain about constantly sweaty hands or feet.

This condition can either be generalized or localized to specific parts of the body, most often hands, feet, armpits or forehead.

Though perspiration is a regular human body process, abnormally increased sweating is troublesome. Excessive sweating is associated with psychical discomfort, which may lead to social withdrawal (often present in cases of localised hand hyperhidrosis in people who have regular personal business contact with other people – e.g. handshake greetings ritual).

BOTOX® is the first in the world, most profoundly analysed botulinum toxin widely accepted for the application in the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

Simple and effective solution

The best results are obtained through injection of small doses of botulinum toxin type A into the affected areas – it effectively blocks the sweat production by sweat glands for a few months.

How does botulinum toxin work?

Always clean and fresh.Upon injection of botulinum toxin into the skin affected by hyperhidrosis the impulses between nerves and sweat glands get temporarily blocked, which results in total blockage of sweat production.

BOTOX® has been appreciated already for over 20 years now as a result of experience and safety of use.

What does the procedure look like?

During the procedure, the doctor, using a very fine needle, injects small doses of botulinum toxin just under the surface of the affected skin. The target area is numbed with local anaesthetic (Emla cream) before the procedure starts. After about 7-14 days patients undergo so called Minor test (starch-iodine test), when remaining areas of sweating are localised.



Reduction of sweat secretion in the affected area: up to 100%


Pozytywny wpływ na samoocenę i relacje z innymi ludźmi
Positive influence on self-evaluation and relationships with other people.

How long does the effect last?

Blockage of sweat production is usually effective from about 6-10 months in the armpits and for 7-8 months in hand hyperhidrosis. Length of this period depends on every patient individually. In clinical studies, in 27,5% of patients the result lasted for over a year.Restylane1_050_V4_LR

Can botulinum toxin be combined with other treatments?

Botulinum toxin procedure may be successfully used with other aesthetic medicine treatments. The doctor in charge of the treatment will decide about the time intervals between particular procedures.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by a medical doctor, experienced in the application of botulinum toxin – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

In our clinic we perform treatments based on the highest quality botulinum toxin products:

Botox® from Allergan (Irland)

Azzalure® from Galderma (UK)

Boccouture® from Merz (Germany)

Price forehead 60 €
armpits 375€
hands 400€
feet 450€
Duration about 60-80 min.
Anaesthesia yes
Touch up after about 7-14 days is included in the price of the treatment

To ensure you with comfort and safety, each product is opened in the patient’s presence and expiration date of the product is presented. Thus we guarantee that the products used during the procedure are original and of the highest quality.