Radiesse is entirely new and innovative dermal filler. Like stabilised hyaluronic acid it gives the effect of immediate filling, but, most of all, unlike other hyaluronic acid based fillers it strongly energises the skin to the production of its own collagen.Radiesse_1

As a result, we not only restore the lost tissue volume, but we also improve the skin structure.

Radiesse belongs to one of the safest currently available dermal fillers perfecting the skin volume.

When we start losing face volume and contour…
…it’s time to start Radiesse


Beautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh SkinHow does Radiesse dermal filler work?

Main ingredient of the preparation is calcium hydroxylapatite – identical with the calcium present in human teeth or bones. When injected subdermally, this substance causes intensive stimulation of fibroblasts – cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen fibres.

Who can benefit from treatment with Radiesse?

The treatment brings very good effects in patients with lost tissue volumetry. However, Radiesse can also be a preventative treatment, maintaining firm skin in patients with or without first signs of skin ageing.


  •  intensive skin firming (effect of rejuvenation, restoration of skin elasticity and flexibility)
  •  filling of zygomatic area and hollow cheeks (lifting effect)
  •  filling of nasolabial folds (younger and refreshed appearance)
  •  correction of marionette lines – drooping mouth corners (cheerful/brighter facial expression)
  •  elimination of chipmunk cheeks (correction of the jawline and face oval)
  •  brow lifting (optically enlarged eyes)
  •  filling the temples (healthier and younger appearance)
  •  nose shape correction
  •  chin correction (restoration of natural proportion)
  •  hands – restoration of skin firmness and elasticity
  •  neck and décolletage – restoration of skin firmness and elasticity

What makes Radiesse different from other leading dermal fillers?

Increased skin volumetry stimulated by collagen production.


Natural aesthetic effect

Visible rejuvenation and improvement of skin firmness

Restoration of lost skin volume

Subtle correction of face contour and lines

Stimulation of own collagen production – intensive tissue regeneration

Effect visible immediately following the treatment and lasting for over a year

Safe effect, confirmed with clinical research

FDA approved

Millions of performed treatments all over the world

Radiessebelongs to one of the safest currently available volumizing dermal fillers.


How soon are the effects visible?

First effect of Radiesse treatment (like in other hyaluronic acid fillers) is visible immediately upon injection. Yet, intensive stimulation to collagen fibres synthesis and general improvement of the skin condition develops gradually. Typically, noticeable results of collagen volume increase appear already after 2-3 months.

How long does the effect of Radiesse last?

In majority of patients the results may last up to a year or longer.

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Is the procedure safe?

Definitely it is a safe treatment. As calcium hydroxylapatite is naturally present in human teeth and bones it is 100% biocompatible, does not cause allergic reaction and guarantees long term safety results.

Can Radiesse be combined with other treatments?

Radiesse may be combined with botulin toxin treatments, hyaluronic acid preparations, threads and others. The doctor in charge of the treatment will decide about the time intervals between particular procedures.

Will high temperature, sunbathing or laser treatments degrade Radiesse?

No, they will not. Contrary to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers Radiesse is not affected by high temperatures. It means that sunbathing, using solarium, sauna or undergoing laser treatment will not influence the effects of Radiesse.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by a medical doctor, experienced in the use of Radiesse – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

The product is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics (Germany).

Price 0,3ml 100€
0,8ml 250€
1,5ml 375€
Duration about 60 min.
Anaesthesia yes

To ensure you with comfort and safety, each product is opened in the patient’s presence and expiration date of the product is presented. Thus we guarantee that the products used during the procedure are original and of the highest quality.