Restylane®, Juvederm®, Teosyal®, Revofil®

filling wrinkles and folds

cheek augmentation

mouth/nose/chin augmentation

dark shadows under the eyes (tear trough area)

Laser therapy on pretty woman face, isolated over whiteEffects:

  • cheek augmentation
  • nasolabial folds
  • drooping mouth corners
  • forehead wrinkles
  • wrinkles all over the face
  • temple hollows
  • jawline
  • crow’s feet
  • lip augmentation
  • chin shape correction
  • elimination of dark circles under the eyes

Ageing is inevitable and happens to each of us. We can’t make this any different. But we can influence the effects that ageing has on our skin.

What are facial filling treatments?

Facial filling treatments are successfully applied in patients with lax skin, wrinkles and lost tissue volume resulting from the natural ageing process. Though they also act preventively helping to maintain firm and healthy skin with or without the first signs of ageing. Regardless of patient’s age they also correct possible facial asymmetry or may make the mouth more plump.

Facial dermal fillers are also dedicated to patients with small, narrow or asymmetric lips, who would like to enhance the lip volume according to individual preferences or just hydrate the lips without their augmentation.

Now, irresistibly soft and delicate lips are possible not only in the young people.

They are available for everybody!

Thanks to revolutionary hyaluronic acid fillers dedicated for the lips improvement you can gain subtlest volume, additional softness and smoothness and maintain natural hydration of the skin of the mouth and around it.

We’ll improve your natural beauty, and you’ll enjoy the effects for a long time…


Regardless of their age, these treatments are dedicated to patients with under eye hollows, which give the impression of tired or eyes. The skin in the eye area is very delicate, thin and therefore requires a lot of attention and care. These are our eyes that first reveal our age and condition.

At the beginning, the shadows appear in the corners of your eyes, over time the effect develops to the whole eye contour. In consequence, our eyes become sad and tired while whole face looks a few years older.

Restylane®, Juvederm®, Surgiderm® and Teosyal® are exclusive, highest quality natural dermal fillers which delicately remove signs of ageing or gently improve nature’s imperfections. They are natural and safe products whose effectiveness and safety have been proved by hundreds of clinical studies. Each of them has been so far applied in more than ten to a several dozen millions treatments all over the world, and their number increases every day.

Revofil® is an alternative for patients in whom injectable fillers get quickly absorbed. The preparation is also based on hyaluronic acid, though it also contains appropriately selected biomimetic peptides which prevent the activity of hyaluronidase (enzyme that degrades hyaluronic acid) and inhibit the action of free radicals.

How do dermal fillers work?

Injectable dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid in the form of a light gel – natural substance present in a human body. They support the skin offering its refreshment and improvement of appearance, regardless of the treatment purpose (smoothing wrinkles, improvement of the face contour, mouth augmentation or just rejuvenation).

Since the skin – or even your desired effects may change over time, a great advantage of dermal fillers is that their effects are fully reversible. It gives the patient freedom of choice concerning maintenance of the effect and a full control over his/her appearance.

We use only the highest quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers:

Restylane®, Q-Med (Sweden)

Juvederm®, Allergan (France)

Surgiderm®, Allergan (France)

Teosyal®, Teoxane (Switzerland)


Surgeon making injection above lips on woman lying on operating tableBenefits of facial filling treatments:

– hollow cheeks become firm and plump

– nasolabial folds are softened

– drooping mouth corners return to their original position

– forehead wrinkles get smoothed

– wrinkles all over the face become softened

– temporal hollows are reduced

– the jawline contour is redefined

– any facial asymmetry is reduced

Results of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be summed up in three words:

safe – natural – effective


Why injectable dermal fillers?

young pretty woman squeeze skin on foreheadNatural aesthetic effect

Visible rejuvenation and improvement of skin firmness

Restoration of lost skin volume

Subtle correction of face contour and lines

Long lasting effect visible immediately following the treatment

Full and immediate reversibility of the effect

Safe effect, confirmed with clinical research

What does the procedure look like?

After medical consultation, the doctor, with a very fine needle or cannula injects a small amount of light gel into the target skin area. Before the procedure the skin surface is numbed with topical anaesthetic (Emla cream). As most of the preparations contain lidocaine, their injection is practically painless. Immediately following the treatment some patients may experience slight transient swelling or bruising, which go away within a few days. Still, they can resume their normal activities right after the session.

How soon are the effects visible?

Firs effects are visible already immediately after injection of dermal filler.

How long will the effect last?

The duration of effects will depend on the product (its density and level of cross-linking) and individual organism. Average longevity of light and subtle dermal fillers is up to 6 months, for the preparations of medium density up to about 9-12 months and even up to 18 months for innovative volumetric preparations.

Is the procedure safe?

Definitely it is a safe treatment. As hyaluronic acid is naturally present in human body it is 100% biocompatible, does not cause allergic reactions and guarantees long term safety results.

Are all preparations the same?

In the range of Restylane®, Juvederm®, Surgiderm® and Teosyal® products there are various preparations dedicated to certain face areas, with different density for particular facial zone and purposes.

Can the procedure be combined with other treatments?

The treatment may be combined with botulin toxin treatments, threads and others. The doctor in charge of the treatment will decide about the time intervals between particular procedures.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by an experienced medical doctor – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

Price Restylane® Restylane, Restylane Perlane 1ml 299€
Juvederm® Ultra 2 0,55ml 160€
Ultra 3, Ultra 4 1ml 299€
Surgiderm® 18, 24XP, 30 XP, 30 0,8ml 250€
Teosyal® Touch Up 0,5ml 175€
First Lines 0,7ml 210€
Global Action, Deep Lines 1ml 299€
 Revofil® Plus 1ml 269€
SubQ 2ml 449€
Juvederm® Voluma 1ml 275€
Voluma 2ml 449€
Teosyal® Ultra Deep, Ultimate 1ml 299€
Ultimate 2ml 410€
Ultimate 3ml 410€
Duration about 60 min.
Anaesthesia yes


To ensure you with comfort and safety, each product is opened in the patient’s presence and expiration date of the product is presented. Thus we guarantee that the products used during the procedure are original and of the highest quality.