Lumenis Quantum

elimination of discolouration and spots

In Krak-Medica we use the Nd:YAG laser with the IPL Quantum platform, introduced by a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, American LUMENIS

Restylane_4_035_V3_LRLike every year, the issue of skin discolouration comes back in the autumn to colourful women’s magazines and to aesthetic medicine clinics. It is not a surprise, as in the summer the problem escalates, while autumn and winter are ideal to remove or at least visibly reduce the skin imperfections caused by sun exposure.

Types of skin discolouration

Freckles – numerous, irregular spots triggered by exposure to sunlight. Their formation is genetically conditioned.

Melasma – is the most popular reason of patients’ visits in medical offices. It causes irregular, brown, well demarcated patches commonly found on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip in women after 30 years of age. The patches most often develop or intensify during pregnancy, taking oral or patch contraceptives and in cases of various endocrine disorders.

Lentignes – small, round or oval, slightly raised pigmented spots developed mainly after the age of 30 on the face or hands, triggered by excessive sun UV rays exposure.

Postinflammatory discolouration – might develop in the areas of earlier acne lesions, inflammatory disorders, injuries, etc.

What are the causes of skin discolouration?

Hormonal changes in pregnancy, oral contraceptives or all hormonal disorders are potential triggers of skin discolouration. After excessive sun exposure or visits in solarium abnormal high amount of melanin is produced and distributed in the skin.

Thanks to revolutionary IPL Quantum platform by LUMENIS, we have achieved a synergy of effectiveness and safety of the treatment.


laseryHow to effectively eliminate skin discolouration?

One of the most popular methods for eliminating discolouration of various origin are IPL treatments. IPL laser treatments – IPL is selectively absorbed by the skin cells containing melanin. High energy of the laser beam causes destruction of the pigmented cells – they “explode” releasing melanin, which is then removed by the cells of immune system.

How it works

Discolouration and spots are being removed with a handpiece emitting light of certain wavelength. This procedure leads to photothermolysis: a process where laser light penetrates into the target discolouration at the same time damaging the cells with excessive pigment. The destroyed cells are then removed during regular exchange of epidermal cells within 6-7 days.

blonde faceWhat does the procedure look like?

The procedure usually lasts approximately 30-40 minutes and the exact duration depends on the treated area. Patient puts on safety glasses and then the doctor irradiates the target area with a special handpiece. Since the Lumenis Quantum system uses a unique cooling handpiece, it makes the procedure entirely comfortable. Immediately following the treatment patient may experience slight skin redness, therefore, to soothe and protect the skin, special cool compresses or cooling gels are applied to release excessive heat from the tissue.

Should the treatment be repeated?

With few pigmented skin lesions it is usually enough to undergo 1 session for their full reduction. With numerous spots and more intensive discolouration (especially long-lasting) most probably, 2 or 3 sessions will be necessary. If it is necessary to repeat the procedure, subsequent visit should take place after 3-5 weeks (the doctor will decide about the exact time).

Thanks to the laser method of discolouration treatment patients may resume normal activities right after the IPL therapy session.

Our principle:

For safety of our patients and effectiveness of the treatment, one or a few days before the procedure, we perform a cost-free patch test, aiming at optimal choice of treatment parameters.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by a medical doctor, certified to use the Quantum platform – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

Price single spot 35€
a few spots from 40€
nose 60€
cheeks 75€
forehead 60€
whole face 200€
package of 3 treatments whole face 450€
Duration with cooling about 45 min.


You should always stay alert when seeing low price of IPL laser treatment.

Before any IPL laser treatment, make sure that the procedure is performed by a medical doctor, while the original equipment manufacturer is a renowned company (European or American). It will help to avoid negative consequences of faulty, low quality devices, such as skin burns or permanent discolouration.