Lumenis Quantum


In Krak-Medica we use the Nd:YAG laser with the IPL Quantum platform, introduced by a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, American LUMENIS

A young woman’s portrait. Aging concept on blue.Photorejuvenation is a treatment not only improving skin appearance, but also healing its condition. The method biostimulates tissues and has many advantages. It revitalises and whitens the skin. Additionally, photorejuvenation techniques restore the skin’s healthy tone. Laser skin photorejuvenation makes wrinkles less visible. The procedure also positively influences density of the skin.

Thanks to revolutionary IPL Quantum platform by LUMENIS, we have achieved a synergy of effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

Photorejuvenation gives 3 effects in 1 procedure:

– elimination of discolouration and spots

– closing broken capillaries and reduction of erythema

– lifting effect, redensifying and tightening of the whole treatment area



Elimination of discolouration


Closing capillaries


Lifting effect


Before the procedure the doctor evaluates the condition of patient’s skin, identifying its biggest problematic issues. On the basis of such examination and the type of patient’s skin, the doctor matches the right parameters for the treatment so that it brings the best effects and at the same time it is safe for the patient. Prior to the treatment the doctor performs a cost-free patch test.

Before the treatment is performed patient’s history is taken, concerning past illnesses, diet, currently taken medications, herbs and other dietary supplements.

Beautiful Spring Young Woman Outdoors Enjoying NatureHow it works

Dilated capillaries close within two weeks. Spots and discolouration disappear up to seven days. The treated skin becomes tight, firm, and redensified, while wrinkles are gradually reduced.

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure usually lasts approximately 30-40 minutes and the exact duration depends on the treated area. Patient puts on safety glasses and then the doctor irradiates the target area with a special handpiece. Since the Lumenis Quantum system uses a unique cooling handpiece, it makes the procedure entirely comfortable. Immediately following the treatment patient may experience slight skin redness, therefore, to soothe and protect the skin, special cool compresses or cooling gels are applied to release excessive heat from the tissue.

blonde faceShould the treatment be repeated?

To intensify the effect it is recommended to take 3 treatments at 3-4 week intervals.

Thanks to laser method of discolouration treatment patients may resume normal activities right after the IPL therapy session.

Our principle:

For safety of our patients and effectiveness of the treatment, one or a few days before the procedure, we perform a cost-free patch test, aiming at optimal choice of treatment parameters.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by a medical doctor, certified to use the Quantum platform – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

Price whole face 200€
package of 3 treatments whole face 450€
neck 110€
décolletage 125€
neck+décolletage 185€
face + neck + décolletage 310€
Duration with cooling about 45 min.


You should always stay alert when seeing low price of IPL laser treatment.

Before any IPL laser treatment, make sure that the procedure is performed by a medical doctor, while the original equipment manufacturer is a renowned company (European or American). It will help to avoid negative consequences of faulty, low quality devices, such as skin burns or permanent discolouration.