anti-aging concept, portrait of beautiful woman with problem andMedical peelings are currently the most often applied procedures in aesthetic medicine clinics.

Medical peelings are effective and delicate solution for problematic skin

They are suitable even for very sensitive complexion or for skin with dilated blood capillaries – depending on particular skin problem and type the doctor indicates appropriate composition of medical peeling.

Its effect is soothed and hydrated skin with improved firmness. Such properties are the effect of anti-oxidative properties, which protect the skin against harmful effects of free radicals.

The treatments improve condition of the skin, which results in more tight, hydrated and brightened complexion. Such therapy plays an important role in skin anti-ageing prevention.

Delicate skin flaking starts 3-5 days after the session. During this period of time, it is advised to deeply moisturise the skin and protect it against the UV rays.

What is the action of medical peels?

 Sebum control and balancing action – controls and balances the amount of sebum, penetrating into hair follicle and reducing Propionibacterium acnes populations, in this way eliminating spots and blackheads

Whitening action – sun spots, postinflammatory discolouration and dark circles under eyes are reduced by about 50% after a month of therapy

High skin restructuring capacity – high skin ability for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and GAGs.

Young happy attractive woman, on whiteINDICATIONS

  •  seborrheic or acne skin
  •  acne
  •  rosacea
  •  uneven pigmentation and spots
  •  wrinkles and symptoms of photoageing

BEFORE THE TREATMENT: to intensify the effect of the procedure, for 1-2 weeks before the treatment we can use lower concentration AHA products, remembering not to irritate the skin


– the skin should be soothed

– it is recommended to use sun-protective creams SPV>30+

– patients should definitely avoid sunbathing or solarium for about 2 weeks

Can medical peels be combined with other treatments?

Medical peelings are successfully applied in with botulinum toxin treatments, hyaluronic acid, absorbable threads and others. The doctor in charge of the treatment will decide about the time intervals between particular procedures.

Beauty portrait of young woman with beautiful healthy face, studHow often can the treatment be performed?

The procedure may be repeated every 14-21 days.

For best results, 4-6 treatments are recommended.

Who performs the treatment?

The procedure is performed by a medical doctor, experienced in the use of medical peelings – Dagmara Misiek-Cyrwus

Price 180 PLN
Duration about 30 min.
Anaeshesia no

To ensure you with comfort and safety, each product is opened in the patient’s presence and expiration date of the product is presented. Thus we guarantee that the products used during the procedure are original and of the highest quality.